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REVIEW: Replicator Issue #1

Replicator #1 "Prologue"

Written & Created by Robert Arnold

Artwork by Armin Ozdic

Colors by Ross A Campbell

Lettering by Jamie Me

Edited by Nick Glenister & Alison Arnold

Special Thanks to Gen Arnold

Review by Alain Alexander Mesa

To claim that this story is set in a future dystopia is a complete understatement. Imagine what would happen if an Extinction-Level Disease suddenly and unexpectedly infected the masses worldwide killing off the population quicker than the World Governments or Greatest Scientists can even respond to. By the time the disease was even scientifically understood it was too late. All of England is thrown into chaos as the world abandons the "sick" nation, the government topples, and extreme measures are taken to salvage what's left after the attack of the "Red Death"....

Part of what makes this dystopian setting so interesting is the social, economic, and political collapse caused by the timing and presence of one virus. How humanity devolves back into its primitive survival mode and abandons all reason and compassion. One would think that massive death would encourage the protection of life, that human lives would become that much more precious. But no - an "Every Man for Himself" mantra takes over as the people no longer trust their government, and their government no longer care for the fate of its people. The degradation of humanity that is portrayed in "Replicator" is what makes this story so powerfully disturbing.

What makes the scenario more disturbing is the contrast between the broken nation and the "Sanctuary". A sanctum away from the broken and diseased, a place where the "important people", the "haves" can live free from and uninterrupted by the inconvenient "have-nots". The privileged have created their artificial heaven away from those pesky poor and sick. Any sane or moral person would probably imagine that a devastating phenomena such as the "Red Death" would result in Global Intervention and Humanitarian Unity. One would think that at the least, cooperative efforts to eradicate the disease and to rebuild the nation would be the collective priority. One would think that the reaction to such tragedy would be horror, sorrow, and desperation.


Replicator Issue #1 is a phenomenal start to an exciting series. It takes elements of Science Fiction, Horror, Drama, and Suspense and delivers a fascinating yet disturbing read. The creator Robert Arnold is giving away a Preview of Replicator (That's how I received MY copy !) It is a fun and heart-wrenching novel. The artwork is tight, detailed, and the panels somehow manage to juxtapose beauty and ugliness within the same frames.

Click the link Replicator Preview and Subscribe to his E-Mail Listing to receive updates on the rest of this series as well as new material! Rob Arnold is promoting his work right now, and as a fellow Independent Comic Book Creator, I'd appreciate if you all checked out his work!

- Alain Alexander Mesa

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