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Coming Soon: KILLTOPIA #1

Created by Dave Cook and Craig Paton

Published by Card Shark Comics

(Pending Kickstarter Success)

I am very excited to see the Successful Launch of KILLTOPIA #1. I connected with Dave Cook via Facebook somehow, and I was introduced to his brand Card Shark Comics. The artwork displayed in his online posting for his upcoming project Killtopia was breathtaking and caught my eye even in a sea of random images and juxtaposed to the work of other artists. The Kickstarter was launched recently and I submitted by contribution because Dave made it clear that it was all or nothing...either the Kickstarter succeeds and this comic book series is published, or the whole project is cancelled. I could not watch by and let that happen as both a comic book reader and a fellow creator myself. I also swore to uphold my #SupportIndie initiative, even if it means supporting artists that may become my competition one day.

The Indie Comic Book Scene needs to rise! #SupportIndie

A quick introduction to the concept of KILLTOPIA. According to the Official Facebook Promotion Page:

Killtopia is a comic series that sees a rookie salvage hunter and his robot sidekick hunted by crazed android killers across future Japan:

As you can see, the Artwork here looks Incredible. Dave Cook made it clear that many of his sources of inspiration include Ghost in the Shell, Borderlands 2, Binary Domain, Horizon Dawn Zero, and Bayonetta just to name a few. I absolutely look forward to recieving my first copy after the Kickstarter succeeds.

If you want to know more about Card Shark Comics, check out the site at:

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