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My Session with Dr. Orange

Dr. Orange

Published by Heresy Studios LLC

Written, Created, and Lettered by Joseph Duis

Interior and Color Covers by Maulana Faris

Cover Line Art by Greg Woronchak

Interior Line Art by Jose Raul Orte Crespo

Review by Alain Alexander Mesa

I had the Privilege of Scheduling an Early Psychiatric Session with Dr. Orange . . . I haven't been the same since.

Joseph Duis is releasing his New Halloween-Themed Horror Novel "Dr.Orange" on August 14th, 2018. I was lucky enough to get a sneak-peak into this Sick Mind Game:

Dr. Orange is the kind of Psychiatrist who analyzes you in your Nightmares. He seems to force you to face the darkest parts of your subconscious mind. His manifestation torments the main character Suhaila, a self-aware schizophrenic who can't keep friends for too long and who is extremely lonely despite having a wife and a dog.

NOTE: My Personal Session with Dr.Orange lead me to one Sad Epiphany: I can't Trust My own Senses...any conclusion I come to is contradicted by another portion of the story.

Suhaila's condition worsens as a result of her "sessions" with Dr. Orange. Her terror increases, her behavior becomes more erratic, and her life becomes more violent despite her "treatments". It becomes more apparent throughout the novel that she's being treated against her will.

The Story quickly turns into a Horrific mind Game:

Is Suhaila just seeing things? Is she being harassed by some demonic presence? Are these just nightmares or are these things really happening? Is she a victim or is she the actual predator of the story?

Joseph Duis accomplishes a Perfect Push / Pull between Mental Illness and Supernatural Horror. As you read this novel, pay attention: You have to decide what's actually happening in the Strange Disoriented World of Dr. Orange . . .

Dr. Orange is a unique and excellent addition to any Horror Collection. The novel will be released on August 14th, 2018. For more horror themed novels by Joseph Duis, check out Heresy Studios LLC:

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