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Created by Alain Alexander Mesa

Xenoverse Comics & Animation

Solera Universe is the First Graphic Novel of the Upcoming Sci-Fi Series: SOLERA. It is my first official graphic novel and comic book series, and I'm extremely excited to launch this project. I am currently half way finished with the novel and plan to upload the final novel to Comixology for digital release, and printed issues which will be available through the online store.

I created the character Solera back in 2003 when I was a junior in high school. I was originally inspired by female character such as Wonder Woman (DC Comics), Xena the Warrior Princess, Angela from Spawn (Image Comics), Ingra from the series entitled "The First" (Crossgen Comics), and Geselle from Mystic (Crossgen Comics). I had the idea and design of Solera formulated, but I had no solid story for her as of yet, so this character remained an enigma in my portfolio. Eventually I was re-inspired to continue the character after reading the original Aphrodite IX Series (Top Cow), and made SOLERA the focus of my artwork.

The SOLERA series is a Science-Fiction Fantasy Novel with elements of Magic and Biological Horror. Solera Universe will open the entire series and introduce the reader to a fictionally rich and extensively fantastic universe. The series will unravel through consecutive graphic novels rather than single / monthly issues. If you're a fan of Epic Science Fiction Story Telling, and R-Rated Cosmic Suspense, You'll be a Big Fan of SOLERA!

- Alain Alexander Mesa

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