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July 12, 2018

Dr. Orange

Published by Heresy Studios LLC

Written, Created, and Lettered by Joseph Duis

Interior and Color Covers by Maulana Faris

Cover Line Art by Greg Woronchak 

Interior Line Art by Jose Raul Orte Crespo

Review by Alain Alexander Mesa

I had the Privilege of Scheduling an...

UPDATE: SOLERA UNIVERSE | The First Graphic Novel 

So I want to keep everyone posted and I always like to keep a Record of my Progress. My original idea to have a one-shot promotion novel is scrapped. I want to move onto the 9-Issue Graphic Novel I always intended to be...

February 18, 2018

Coming Soon: KILLTOPIA #1

Created by Dave Cook and Craig Paton

Published by Card Shark Comics

(Pending Kickstarter Success)

I am very excited to see the Successful Launch of KILLTOPIA #1. I connected with Dave Cook via Facebook somehow, and I was int...

February 8, 2018

Lady Death | Apocalypse Abyss #1 

Kickstarter for Coffin Comics

Created by Brian Pulido 

Lady Death was One of My Favorite Comic Book Characters since I was in High School...I Remember in 2003 I began reading Lady Death more thoroughly and following her adventures in Cros...