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Xenoverse Comics is an independent media brand supplying digital & printed comic books, animated cartoons, motion graphics,

and other visual content while exploring the genres of science fiction, mythology, comedy,

psychology, and social phenomena. 


What kind of content does Xenoverse Comics / Animation display?

As a multi-genre brand, Xenoverse produces comic books, animation, and visual art that ranges in all types of fiction. Some projects fall under science fiction, while another might fall under social satire.  

In what format are the comic books or cartoons available?

Xenoverse Comic Books will be available in both digital and printed format. Animated Series and/or Motion Graphic work is currently available to view on Youtube at

How did "Xenoverse" become the name of this visual media brand?

The term "xenoverse" is often used to describe an alien or unknown region of space / time that modern science cannot research or understand as of yet. The concept tends to suggest that there is more to reality than what even the brightest of minds can perceive. Most of my work, whether it's sci-fi or comedy, explores this idea of there being "more to the story" than even what I as the artist can ever actually portray. I also love to explore several genres, I have no loyalty to any, so the concept resonated with me.

Does Xenoverse Comics or Animation have anything to do with DragonBall Z?

Lol - No it doesn't. Although I am a childhood fan of Dragon Ball Z, this is a severe coincidence. My brother, whose played both DBXV games asked me the same question!

So do all the Xenoverse stories exist in the same Universe or Timeline?

Excellent Question! No, each comic book title or animated series exists in its world, its own time, and as its own concept. Xenoverse itself is an Anthology of various Genres and Stories. Although comic book publishers like Marvel, DC, or Image have been successful at having their respective characters co-exist and even cross-over, I feel that this can dilute each character's storyline and it becomes challenging to keep track of whose plot affects who else's plot. I think the separation of character worlds and time-lines allows for more story telling freedom and better literary structure. 

Who owns Xenoverse Comics & Animation?

My name is Alain Alexander Mesa and I founded and own Xenoverse Comics & Animation. Right now I am expanding my online presence, and soon I will transform the brand into a full force art publication! For more information about me, click any of my social media links or check out the "About the Author" page.

What Audience or Age Group(s) does Xenoverse target?

As of now, Xenoverse Comics & Animation focuses on more adult themes and will even touch on sensitive and controversial topics. Violence, Sex, Nudity, Politics, Religion, War, Biology, Psychology, Sociology, etc. are all concepts that will present themselves in some form of storytelling. In the future, I do aim to launch age-friendly material.

Does Xenoverse Comics push any Political or Religious Views on readers?

Although I consider myself to be Socially Liberal or "Politically Progressive", it is NOT my job to tell people what to believe or think. No one knows everything. In fact, in my story writing, my characters portray such contrasting points of view, and no one character will ever represent all of my views - nor should they. In Life, all types of people exist, and everyone has a perspective. All points of view need to be expressed, and everyone's story should be told. I'd rather let my fans and readers come to their own conclusions. 

How can I order a Comic Book or view Animated Work?

Xenoverse Comic Books will be available for digital format on Comixology and for print through our upcoming online store. Current animated work can be seen on YouTube at 


SOLERA is a Science-Fiction Graphic Novel Series taking place in a future timeline where the human species occupies several planetary systems by the edge of the galaxy. An uneasy peace between the Human Federations has been threatened by the discovery of alien artifacts which seem to mimic the activity of stars. While some see these "artificial stars" as Relics of the Gods, or experimental structures left behind by some ancient alien race, the most powerful human forces see these celestial objects as exploitable sources of energy causing an inevitable path toward cosmic warfare. 

Who is Solera? Is she a type of super-hero, anti-hero, or villain?

Solera is the protagonist of the SOLERA graphic novel series. Her true motives are unknown, but her actions and discoveries throughout the series will unfold her mysteries. For more specific information on this character, check out the Solera Character Page.

What genre is the SOLERA series?

SOLERA is primarily Science Fiction with elements of Epic Fantasy, Magic, and "Detective" Mystery.  Readers will find the universe of SOLERA extremely extensive.

What kind of content / themes are portrayed in the SOLERA series?

Being a science fiction graphic novel, the themes of intergalactic travel, space colonization, biological evolution, cyborg technology, alien artifacts, and alien warfare are displayed plenty within the mythos of SOLERA. Human Psychology, the Expansion of the Species, Biological Experimentation, and other themes are explored as well. Being a character of mystic nature, SOLERA will feature elements of magic and spells as well. 

Does the SOLERA series feature Nudity, Violence, Vulgarity, or Adult Content?

Yes. SOLERA is a fictional series portraying human nature in the most honest and graphic way possible. Nudity and Sexuality will be displayed in a non-pornographic, but honest fashion. Violence and Gore are a reality of warfare in any genre. Since people curse and swear in "real-life", so will they too in fiction. Human Passion and Human Suffering are a real part of life, and are integral in story-telling that aims to connect with people.

Is SOLERA a consecutive monthly series?

The sagas of Solera will be available in graphic novel format, ranging from 6-12 issues per novel. The story is primarily linear, but it is not a monthly or issue-by-issue series. Like "Game of Thrones", the story line is segmented into books which will be available within reasonable time frame between novels. The first graphic novel is entitled "SOLERA UNIVERSE" which will be available for digital and printed release.

How can I order a SOLERA graphic novel or comic book issue?

Currently in production, SOLERA will be available for digital download on Comixology and printed hard-copy through our online store.





URZIEL is a Graphic Novel Series portraying a Demonic Odyssey through the eyes of the damned and their predatory stalker Urziel. The story unfolds through beautifully horrific imagery and abstract mythology.  

What genre is the URZIEL series? 

Horror and odyssey.

What kind of content / themes are portrayed in the URZIEL series?

The intent of the URZIEL series is to captivate readers or viewers through gruesome beauty and a fusion of technology and mythology. URZIEL touches the themes of damnation, mythology, hunger, despair, and shattered dreams. 

How can I order an URZIEL graphic novel or comic book issue?

Currently in production, URZIEL will be available for digital download on Comixology and printed hard-copy through our online store.



TOXIC is an animated social satire series which focuses on the absurdity of human existence and interaction. It takes some of the worst and most ridiculous aspects of human behavior, personifies them as characters, and rest is up to the viewer to laugh at or pity.

What genre is the TOXIC series? 

Social Satire / Cartoon Animation.

What kind of content / themes are portrayed in the TOXIC series?

TOXIC will feature very offensive humor and very shocking scenarios with brutally raw characters. It's very comparable to South Park, Family Guy, The Boondocks, or Tha Mystary Show. It's basically Mature Humor for Immature the tagline says.

How can I view an Episode of "Toxic" ?

TOXIC will be featured on YouTube initially. DVD's may be available in the future.



The protagonist "Punkie" Felts never imagined that her personal online career would end up ruining her life. After having nothing else to lose, Punkie decides to display all of her personal e-mails, social media activities, and blog entries in order to tell her side of the story and regain some semblance of her former reputation...and her privacy.

What genre is the "Fuck My Life" series? 

Social Satire / Cartoon Animation.

What kind of content / themes are portrayed in the "Fuck My Life" series?

Told from first-personal perspective, Fuck My Life focuses on the boundaries between someone's personal life and the internet and what can go wrong when those boundaries disappear. Technology evolves faster than we do, and this becomes self-evident as the protagonist "Punkie" Felts goes from casual blogger to viral internet meme in a very short time. 

How can I view an Episode of "Fuck My Life" ?

"Fuck My Life" will be featured on YouTube initially. DVD's may be available in the future.



Spectrum of Darkness is an Animated Anthology Series challenging History, Fantasy, and the Human Perspective in an Abstract Story-Telling Format.

What genre is the SPECTRUM OF DARKNESS series? 

Abstract, Conceptual, Parody, Satire, Fantasy

What kind of content / themes are portrayed in the SPECTRUM OF DARKNESS series?

All themes and concepts possible, from fairy tales to religion to psychology. 

How can I view an Episode of SPECTRUM OF DARKNESS ?

SPECTRUM OF DARKNESS will be featured on YouTube initially. DVD's may be available in the future.



CYBORG HITLER is an abstract comedy series. A mad scientist discovers the remains of the late Adolf Hitler, collects samples of his D.N.A., and creates a cyborg clone of the infamous mass murderer. Having broken attachments of the Fuhrer mixed with an insatiable hunger for conquest, Cyborg Hitler travels throughout different periods in time to defeat every great warlord and monarch in history.

What genre is the Cyborg Hitler series? 

Comedy, Satire, and Science Fiction.

What kind of content / themes are portrayed in the Cyborg Hitler series?

Historical Fiction and Satire, Technology, War, and a lot of "What If's?" 

Is the Cyborg Hitler series secretly Nazi Propaganda?


How can I view an Episode of Cyborg Hitler ?

Cyborg Hitler will be featured on YouTube initially. DVD's may be available in the future.


Xenoverse comics

was founded in 2014 by alain alexander mesa.


Who writes, illustrates, and/or animates the artwork for Xenoverse?

I do (Alain Alexander Mesa). I outline and write all the story-lines, draw, export, animated, and prepare all of the work myself. The only thing I can't do is compose the music. So in cases where I need music for animated pieces, I either hire a musician or I use royalty-free music available online for public / creative commons use.

What tools do you use to illustrate and animate your work?

I draw everything in Adobe Illustrator first. Then I'll take it to Photoshop to either finish the final render or divide components for animation into layers. I use Adobe InDesign for the final export on a comic book, and Adobe After Effects for animation projects.

When did you conceive of the Xenoverse brand?

Back in 2003, when I was still in High School, I created SOLERA. I had her over-all design and character thought up of, but I was struggling to create a proper story-line for this character. It took me almost 10 years to finally decide how I want to tell her story! In 2012 and 2013, I was flooded with so many other ideas for animation, and I didn't really have a plan for how to create or express any of it. In 2014, I decided to keep all my ideas and concepts under one name: Xenoverse. I thought the idea of the "unknown" worked very well to summarized all these different concepts. So my animated work and comic book promotion material was marked by the logo and brand that I designed then.

When will your work be available for purchase?

I am almost half way finished with my first graphic novel: SOLERA UNIVERSE. I am going to continue that series and begin the horror novel URZIEL. Both will be available on Comixology and Amazon within 1 year. I will update when ready.

How can I contact you?

My official e-mail address will be posted in the Contact Section. To know more about me, feel free to check out the "About the Author" page.

Will Xenoverse Comics employ other artists or titles from other artists?

That is the eventual plan. I've had the pleasure and privilege of working with other artists in other capacities, but in the future I'd like to feature other cartoonists, animators, and creators and expand the Xenoverse with more creative stories.


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