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Alain alexander mesa is an animator and cartoonist

and the founder & creator of xenoverse comics & animation


My name is Alain Alexander Mesa and I am an Independent Cartoonist and Animator. I Graduated with a Bachelor's in Fine Arts in Graphic Design from the School of Visual Arts in 2008. My first experience in the creative field began in 2009 when I worked as a Motion Graphics Intern for Housing Works, an AIDS Organization based in New York City. I eventually worked as a Freelance Designer creating Music Videos for Independent Artists, and then worked my way up to a Director of Marketing. My Experience in the Design & Motion Graphics Field helped me visualize and create my own brand: Xenoverse Comics & Animation.

I started Xenoverse Comics in 2014 because of my obsessive passion with comic books, animated story-telling, and numerous genres in fiction. I believe that Art is not only one of the Greatest Forms of Entertainment, but a Powerful Tool for Provoking Thought, Contributing to Social Awareness, and Most Importantly Self-Awareness.

Creativity is the God-Space of the Human Mind!

my personal mission is to explore and express the full human experience in numerous media and genres in the most raw, genuine, and bold ways possible. 

i also hope to inspire other artists to do the same. 


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