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R.I.P. Pete Hernandez III

Cover of the Graphic Novel: War Dogs

Created by Pete Hernandez III

I never expected to post an article like this....ever. About one day ago, Pete Hernandez' niece communicated to his fans, friends, family, and connections that he passed away due to complications from a respiratory issue. I knew he wasn't well and was in and out of the hospital, but I had no clue how serious his illness was.

I remember just texting him on Facebook, "Feel better bud. Will talk to you soon!"

I don't think I understand the severity of his condition and perhaps neither did many of his fans or followers. I met him online in 2017 and he introduced me to his recent project: War Dogs - out of both interest and the desire to support the Indie Community, I purchased a digital copy of his Triad-Inspired Novel. I also shared with him details about my upcoming projects, and since then we had friendly communication via Facebook.

Pete would message me almost every day and we have short and long conversations about many things: Comic Books, Projects, Personal Life, Politics, etc. We became so friendly that I told him the next time I visited New York I would like to meet him in person. He agreed he would like to as well. Like me, he is a graduate of the School of Visual Arts and has made a career out of his passion. Unlike me, he was way ahead and has accomplished much in the Indie Comic Book Community.

Before he was rushed to the hospital, I told him that I would purchase the 2nd Edition of War Dogs to see where the story goes. I also told him that I would post a Review of his First Edition so that others with whom I'm connected can see his work. I felt bad because of my delay, trying to juggle many things at once, but I promised him that his review would be next on my site.

I had no idea I would be writing a sad piece following his untimely death.

All I can say is the Pete had a great personality, a socially aware attitude, and a very creative mind. It was a privilege to meet him through social media and it reminds me of how lucky I am to have access to such great artists and such great people. I would have never met Pete, or many other amazing people, had it not been for the social networking tools I often take for granted.

As you can see in the panels, Pete Hernandez was big on detail, characterization, and more specifically: facial features and expression. He used models in many of his comic book sequences because he thought capturing a character's individuality was extremely important to not only the story, but the reader's attachment to these characters.

I am very sad to miss the opportunity to meet Pete Hernandez in person and follow up on our conversations. I told him that I would place a free ad in the back on my #SupportIndie Section of my upcoming novel SOLERA - I guess now I will have to create a separate memorial page for him and for his work.

I am not sure if his comic book company / publication continues through his family, but I will find out. If so I will post links to the online stores that still sell his work in effort to support his family and continue his legacy.

R.I.P. Pete Hernandez III

I was very lucky to know you!

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