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American Gangsters

"American Gangsters"

William Cooper ft Kool G Rap Produced by BP for 11701 Productions Animated by Alain Alexander Mesa Gemstarr Regime William Cooper's debut solo album "Beware of the Pale Horse" in stores now!!

American Gangsters was the first music video I animated for William Cooper of Gemstarr Regime. He contacted me after seeing some of my work with S.P.O.T. of Down 2 Earth Records. William Cooper hired me to animate his music video for his hit "American Gangsters" which portrays a narrative of a covert and abusive relationship between the American Government and the American People.

If you listen to the song, you are inundated with references to several Conspiracy Theories, Governmental Contradictions, and Unanswered Questions. I wanted to portray this same confusion and chaos with a over-loaded yet high paced typographic treatment. I only displayed certain lyrics and often in broken phrases in order to provoke the viewer to try and read everything at once and make sense of what they last saw. Paragraphs of "classified" information flood the background forcing the viewer to pause the video, rewind, and re-read whatever they missed. I wanted to treat the music video as if it were a detective case in a way.

I think both Willam Cooper and his producer BP felt the graphics matched the pace of the beat and lyrics. It was a huge pleasure animating this video as well as their new release "The Secrets of Oz. Thank you William! Thank you BP! It was a privilege to work with both of you.

- Alain Alexander Mesa

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