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The Secrets of Oz

The Secrets of Oz

Lyrics by William Cooper

Produced by BP

Property of Gemstarr Regime

Animated by Alain Alexander Mesa

This was the last music video I animated for a good buddy and client William Cooper. It was a pleasure meeting both William and BP in Long Island, NY. They had seen a few music videos that I animated for S.P.O.T. of Down 2 Earth Records, and they employed me for two projects: American Gangsters and then this: The Secrets of Oz.

I haven't animated music videos in a while due to my hectic schedule, but looking back this was such a pleasure. The "Secrets of Oz" concept came about as William Cooper and BP thought to use the story of the Wizard of Oz as a conspiracy-oriented analogy for the Federal Reserve and the Oppressive Nature of Capitalism and the American Economy in general. There have also been hypotheses prior that wondered if the Wizard of Oz wasn't a subliminal message to the American people for their social structure and the fragility of the "powers that be", the Wizard being nothing more than a sham in a fragile system that keeps people unnecessarily dependent on a power that doesn't really exist - backed by nothing, smoke and mirrors.

Without giving too much away, I am very proud to share this music video with my followers and friends. William Cooper came up with such a creative concept and it was a privilege to animate this for him. It was a fun project and worthy of the time and work it took to produce. BP had such an amazing musical foundation for this song, and the way they broke down the lyrics and music was captivating to me.

Take a look at the video and leave any comments. I hope you enjoy watching this as much as I enjoyed animating this. Also be sure to check out Gemstarr Regime at their YouTube Channel.

Music Video Credits & Description | Gemstarr Regime

Published on Dec 15, 2016

Purchase "God's Will" on iTunes: Purchase "God's Will" on CD: "The Wizard Of Oz" was released over 75 years ago and remains one of the most iconic motion pictures of all time. Some individuals say this movie had many deeper political meanings hidden in plain sight. In the 1939 film, Dorothy continues to walk down a yellow (gold) brick road wearing ruby slippers (silver slippers in the original novel) on a mission to reach the Emerald City, which some feel represents greenbacks or even The Federal Reserve, never knowing that she had the power all along. You could argue that Dorothy represents "The People" and how they handed over all of their silver and gold for paper money backed by The Federal Reserve. Today, many question if the gold in The Federal Reserve even exists and others proclaim The Federal Reserve Act to be the greatest heist of all time. Gemstarr Regime Records lyricist, William Cooper, embarks on his own trip down the yellow brick road delivering "Secrets Of Oz", a creative interpretation of the original film portraying the birth of The Federal Reserve Act. Producer BP provides the emotional landscape that William Cooper travels while bringing the legendary "Wizard Of Oz" movie back to life in a new light. Director, Alain Alexander Mesa, animates Cooper's entire monologue perfectly. Every scene occurs in the exact chronological order as the original film and invokes a similar sort of magic of its predecessor. When speaking to William Cooper about the video he said, "This is by far my favorite song/video I have ever released to this point in my career. This is a very heavy song that may have went over many listener's heads so I am excited to have such an amazing visual to project the song's brilliance. I hope my die hard supporters will really enjoy this one." "Secrets Of Oz" is the 5th visual off of William Cooper's sophomore album "God's Will" which has been awarded "Independent Album Of The Year" at The Underground Music Awards and features guest appearances from Rah Digga, Sean Price, Ill Bill, Killah Priest, Sticky Fingaz and more. "God's Will" is available worldwide on CD and all digital formats.

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