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Salvagers: Abandoned Cargo

SALVAGERS: Abandoned Cargo

Written by Bob Salley

Pencils & Art by George Acevedo

Colors by DeSika

Lettering by HDE

Review by Alain Alexander Mesa

In my personal exploration of the graphic novels created by other fellow INDIE Comic Book Creators & Artists, I was waiting for a strong Sci-Fi Space Epic type of story to come across. I was very fortunate to find Comic Book Creator Bob Salley on Facebook and came upon his graphic novel series entitled "Salvagers". The cover (posted above) immediately grabbed by attention, seeing the cargo ship rough landed on a dry planet with that orange atmosphere. From there I knew this was going to be a rich science fiction story.


The Salvager Crew

The story stars a unique cast of galactic misfits: Bill, the only Human of the crew and a former Federation Navy Commander now making a living as a Salvager. Tea, a humanoid alien and technical expert who assists Bill in his salvage-missions, Tyr another humanoid alien and fellow salvager who brings his fight knowledge and physical might into the mix, and last but not least, my personal favorite character, Brigby, a troubled green alien whose negligent behavior gets him and the salvager crew in major trouble with a powerful alien mafia.

The World of Salvagers is very rich with diverse worlds and an abundance of exotic species all co-inhabiting the same galaxy. Following in the wake of a Galactic War, both human and alien occupants are affected by the residual effects and conflicts. If you're a fan of Star Wars, Guardians of the Galaxy, or any epic star saga, you'll be quickly sucked into the world of Salvagers.

The Storyline is quite dark and creative: While friendly enough for mainstream readers, you can feel the danger that these characters encounter, and you can feel the strife of each of the characters, and how devastating the Galactic War must have been to leave our Salvagers in the lost state they are forced to reside in.

The penciling is so detailed and the color scheme perfectly portrays the dark space that this story occupies. George Acevedo and DeSika did a great job manifesting Bob Salley's writing to bring this story to life.

Over all, Salvagers is a very creative and intelligent graphic novel. Abandoned Cargo gives you a great introduction into this expansive world created by Bob Salley. It's a very enjoyable ride and a great edition to any Sci-Fi Collection!


Check out more info on SALVAGERS at

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