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F*ck My Life

Fuck My Life is an experimental animated series about an online blogger calling herself "Punkie" who achieves internet fame only to have her personal life end up going downhill. As a way to combat all of the rumors and misinformation staining her reputation, she decides to upload all of her private online interactions, so that the world can see her side of the story.

I conceptualized this cartoon series because I strongly believe that technology evolved faster than the human species has. The phenomena of cyber-bullying, online addiction, and rise in narcissistic behaviors exposes what happens when raw human emotion goes unchecked. Social Media Sites such as Facebook and Twitter reveal the emotional gunk that people would almost never express in "real life". Even the President of the United States, Donald Trump, displays enslavement to his impulses and a delusional belief that there are no consequences online.

Punkie's story will be revealed through her e-mails, text messages, social media interactions, and a few personal vlog entries. That is all the information that the view will have to judge her.

The character of Punkie will be voiced by Cassandra Wells.

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